Somatic Mind

Unique Psychedelic NFT Artpiece

Red pill and blue pill...Together

The Journey Begins

The First design of our NFT

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The Journey Begins

Our lives, are filled with uncertainties. We all live and faced doubt, challenge, dissapointment. Sometimes, maybe all we need to do is just take a rest. And step into the Journey. We might not need it. But we can always have the chance to try it.


The Journey Begins
One of the OG and The First NFTs designed.


1024x1024 pixels

Depths of Heaven, or Hell?

Life Beyond Earth

Always welcome to stay forever.

where is happiness?

Directions To Joy

Joy, is just a matter of perception.

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Directions to Joy

Some people walkthrough their lives trying to find happiness. But the definition of this word varies among each person's heart. Is it money? Is it Fame? Or having peace and quiet is your happiness?
People seem to struggle to find the answer, even the goal to their lives toward happiness. But had they even wondered? Maybe the answer to happiness is actually pretty simple. Trying to understand other people's definition to joy could be your real journey to find - The Joy from all Directions.



3442 x 2592 pixels / 10.9 MB / Aspect Ratio: 1721:1296
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Joker Smile

Bitter Laughters

Turn negativity into dark humour

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Bitter Laughters

Laugh. For the ones who work hard, like the man infront of the mirror.

People always worked hard for what they dreamed. Thats what motivates us. But we are always impatient. We want it now, want it fast. And the uncertainty always hits us hard. Harming our ego, doubting our inteligence. Which is why some of us are broken and discouraged. But we should all try just stop what we are doing and enjoy the view of the man infront of the mirror. It will all seem like a joke to laugh. a joke to enjoy.


Bitter Laughters
One of the OG NFTs.


1024 x 1024 pixels/ GIF styled NFT.
We have his trait at some of the NFTs. But this GIF, is One of a kind.

Lets continue the journey ahead.

Welcome to the Realm

Heaven or Hell, you will decide.

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Welcome to the Realm

All your answer could be here, could be not. Your presence here is not about life of death. You will decide what will happen in here. What will become in here. You have no full control of it. But you have full decision on it.
What? You still doubt the truth of my words and question the place you are in? Well let me make it short then. Welcome, to the depths of your own mind. What you all like to call: the deeper consciousness.


Trippy NFTs for sale. You could be one of the people to own what your heart desire.


1024 x 1024 pixels

To find true love, or just for attention?

Attention or Love?

attention or love? how do you determine both of them?

About Somatic Mind
One touch to the realm's gate.

This is a very personal and private Psychedelic Art Project of mine. I am a bit of an explorer by nature and there is an important message here I want to convey through Somatic Mind NFT.

Leo, Purdie, Kristie, and TC are psychoverse explorers on the lookout for knowledge and truth. For everyone of them, knowledge and truth may be different.

Because they've visited and journeyed through numerous dimensions, it's hard to pinpoint their origin, just as we can't pinpoint the origin of awareness.

What we do know is that they originate from a realm where wishes are granted and positive vibes are the norm.

During their journeys, they've come across a variety of creatures that embody their various phobias. These animals are their worries that must be overcome, and once they have, they are transformed into good creatures, returning to their original state of light.

However, some phobias are more powerful than others, which is where the villains enter the picture. Our first antagonist is TRIPPY HEAD. He, like any other villain, will reflect their most common anxieties.

During their several forays into the Psychoverse, they've been fortunate enough to pick up a few tricks and have evolved into a scrappy bunch.

Questions about Somatic Mindfrequently asked questions.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. NFTs may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

What Wallets are Supported during minting?

We recommend the wallet below for our project, but please do your own research and find the more suitable one!
Adalite Wallet
Daedalus Wallet
Nami Wallet

How can I buy an NFT?

You will be able to mint an NFT directly and exclusively on the mint day directly from our server #announcement. There are no mirror sites.
After the collection sells out, you will be able to buy on secondary markets such as OpenSea, LooksRare and

How many NFT's are available?

The collection is limited to 3,333. You can verify the ownership of your NFT and others on the blockchain.

How many NFTs were keep by the project?

The project and the team keep 150 NFTs to be used for giveaways and gifts to other communities.

What would be the mint price?

Currently we are doing exclusive free-mints for our community and collaborations with other communities.